Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman

"I got the book and am reading little excerpts here and there, no time to just sit and read due to my hectic Willow Woman schedule. Will pass it on to my evolving Willow Woman daughter. You did a great job. Thanks."
--Karen Luft

If you are new to this site, you may be wondering, “What is a Willow Woman?” As described in the book, Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman, a Willow Woman is comfortable with herself and this comfort is apparent in the presence she projects. She trusts herself to make good decisions. A Willow Woman sometimes imagines herself as a willow tree – she feels strong and graceful, yet flexible enough to weather any storm.

Hello, Iím Maria Richard, author of Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman and founder of Willow Woman Unlimited. The imagery of the Willow Woman came to me during a facilitator training some years back while working on an issue. I needed an image that would calm me and remind me of my innate wisdom and good judgement. The willow tree came to mind for serveral reasons. First, trees tend to denote wisdom in imagery work because of their long lifespan and second, the tree's roots are in the ground "literally grounded" which is what I needed to calm my racing thoughts and emotions. After the training concluded, the Willow Woman image disappeared from my conscious awareness until I was asked to give a talk to a womenís group on developing a presence that is noticed and respected. During the creative process, Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman emerged as an apt analogy and inspiration for my first book.

If the imagery of the Willow Woman resonates with you, why not join me in exploring what it means to be a Willow Woman? Begin your journey by reading an excerpt from the book.

Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman will show you how to develop a persona that is noticed, powerful and respected.

  • Take the Self-Assessment Survey – Are you a Shrinking Violet or a Willow Woman?
  • Read real-life challenges caused by gender issues and their solutions
  • Learn to practice proven techniques for eliminating or revising habits
  • Be inspired by the words of well-known Willow Women

Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman
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