Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman Home Study Course

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"When a man gets up to speak, people listen, then look. When a woman gets up, people look, then if they like what they see, they listen." Pauline Frederick was correct. Many people still judge women and men differently. While we cannot change society overnight, we, as women, can learn ways to ensure that we are heard. Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman refers to developing a presence that is noticeable and respected.

Shrinking Violets tend to be meek and quiet. They do not feel comfortable being at the center of attention in a group. The violet is a very beautiful flower, but it grows close to the earth. A person has to be looking at the ground to notice a violet.

A Willow Woman is an entirely different persona. In imagery, trees are often used to denote wisdom and discernment because of their stately presence and long life span. Picture a willow tree. Notice that its branches are more flexible than most trees, allowing it to sway gracefully in the wind without being damaged. The willow has a steady trunk and stable and strong roots that keep it firmly planted in the ground. A willow is flexible and grounded at the same time. Willow trees are also very hardy and grow quickly.

A woman who has an image of herself as a willow feels strong and graceful, yet flexible enough to weather any storm.

As this program focuses on each individual student, all the assignments are essay questions that revolve around the student's evolutionary process and material presented in Ms. Richardís book, Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman and the accompanying workbook and study guide. This is a non-credit course.



  1. Introduction
  2. Examples of Willow Women
  3. Are You a Willow Woman? Self-Assessment Survey
  4. Modifying Your Presence
    1. The Posture of Confidence
    2. Grooming and Dress
    3. Your Attitude
    4. Speech Patterns
      1. Expressive Styles
      2. Speech Patterns as Gender Traps
        1. Understanding Gender Traps at Home and at Work
        2. Corporate Story and Worksheet
    5. Womenís Strengths and How They Can Help or Hinder
      1. Empathy
      2. Assuming Responsibility and Delegating Tasks
      3. The Ability to Make Friends and Build Relationships
      4. Inclusiveness
      5. Womenís Intuition
    6. Changing Habits
      1. Changing Habitual Speech Patterns
      2. Changing Behaviors
      3. Changing Attitudes and Beliefs
  5. Conclusion


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Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman
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