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Dealing with Airline Carry-On Restrictions

Now that airlines are charging fees for checked bags, more people are traveling light, bringing their bags into the cabin. That saves money on fees but it does not address transporting liquids and gels that are above the limits. You do have some options.

If you are visiting friends or relatives, you could ship those supplies ahead or purchase them when you arrive. Depending on your relationship with your host(s), you could leave your supplies there for the next time you visit.

If you are on vacation, buying supplies when you arrive in quantities that you will use during your journey is probably the best option. If you are traveling to a foreign country, it would be a good idea to get a list of the items that you will need in the language of your destination. You could shop at the destination airport but prices are usually better outside the airport. Alternately, a savvy hotel concierge would see this as an opportunity to provide a service and provide (sell) supplies to their out of town guests. You could check with your hotel prior to your trip to see if they provide such a service.

Another option is to take dry shampoo for your hair and a cleansing bar soap for your face. Toothpaste can also be found in a powder form.

Finally, decide which items you absolutely need and which items you can live without for the duration of your trip. Most people agree that sunscreen is a necessity but do you really need your expensive perfume?

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Finding a Travel Companion

Suppose you are looking for a travel companion and a friend or acquaintance expresses an interest in taking a trip with you. Do you set a travel date and start packing your bags? Not if you value your sanity and your friendship. Take some time to determine your travel personality, and then get to know the potential travel companion to see if you get along. Start out by going for lunch or coffee. If the first meeting goes well, take a day or overnight trip together.

Travel personality refers to personal habits and preferred travel activities. For example, you could be a(n):

  • Early riser or night owl
  • Talkative or quiet
  • Big budget or small budget
  • Fast food diva or local restaurant explorer
  • Very independent or very interdependent
  • Driver or passenger
  • Glass of wine with dinner or teetotaler
  • The level of rapport that travel companions enjoy directly affects the quality of a trip. Take your time choosing a travel companion.

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    Traveling Solo: Willow Woman on the Road by Maria Richard

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