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"I was truly enriched by your creation of the Willow Woman and along my personal growth journey, consider my encounter with you and your seminar, defining moments (milestones) in my life."

—Lynn Castelli, Newtown, PA

"Your presentation on Rapport Skills for Women in Business was very informative and beneficial to our members. The interaction between you and the audience was extremely enjoyable."

—Doree Romett, Programs Chairperson, Women's Referral Network of Montgomery County, PA

"Your true-to-life examples gave everyone in the audience a cohesive understanding of gender traps and how to correct and benefit from them."

—Kim Collins, Program Director, Executive Women International, Phila., PA

Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman

"When a man gets up to speak, people listen, then look. When a woman gets up, people look, then if they like what they see, they listen.” --Pauline Frederick.

Ms. Frederick was correct. Many people still judge women and men differently. While society cannot be changed overnight, women can learn ways to ensure that they are heard.Women achieve more and feel better about themselves when they can level the business playing field by overcoming gender differences and finding their power. Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman will show you how to develop a persona that is noticed, powerful and respected.

This program is also available as a home study course. The course materials include a copy of Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman and the accompanying workbook. For more information, go to the home study course.

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Traveling Solo

This class is geared to women who wish to travel alone for recreational purposes. Almost 40% of women aged 35 and over have no build-in travel partner. Do they stay home or do they venture out on their own? Traveling Solo encourages women to travel on their own and provides useful hints for feeling safe while having a good time traveling alone.

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Tapping Into Your Personal Power

This program is motivational and empowering and can apply to business or any other area of life. Rediscover and tap into your personal power! Explore the 6 Foundations of Personal Power and how to utilize them to take charge of your life through lecture, discussion and guided visualization using the Willow Woman imagery. You'll also learn more about what stops people from becoming empowered and the mental shifts that counteract those barriers.

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Rapport Skills for Women in Business

Building rapport is an essential communication skill. Some people are naturally good at it while others struggle. For women, the challenge of creating rapport in business relationships is complicated by gender issues. Fortunately, the art of rapport can be learned. Using corporate stories, lecture and exercises, we’ll explore some of the intricacies of building and maintaining rapport giving extra attention to the role gender issues play. You'll learn how to build rapport with everyone you meet and how to use this newly gained knowledge of gender issues to increase your ability to create and maintain rapport.

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